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Lost in a futuristic city’s gripping story and interesting characters is the best way to describe TECHNOBABYLON in the most basic way possible.

Taking a cue from Blade Runner, TECHNOBABYLON is a cyberpunk point and click adventure game from Wadjeteye Games. You play a variety of characters in this game, including CEL agents Charlie Regis – an aging luddite who believes in the good old days – and Max Lao, his partner who fully embraces the technological era they live in, and a woman named “Mandala”… when she’s in the Trance, anyways.

TechnobabylonDR1Just one of the grizzly murder scenes you’ll investigate…

The game takes place mostly in reality, where you’re investigating a murder spree by someone called “The Mindjacker”. Other times, you’ll jack into the “Trance“, a cyberworld which allows you to interact with machines and solve puzzles using both real life and cyber-solutions. The story gets more complex and intertwined as your progress, pushing you to make questionable long-term choices that affect the outcome of the game overall.

Gameplay is straightforward in TECHNOBABYLON. You have an inventory, you click things, you figure out puzzles. Honestly, if you’ve watched any of our shows, you’ll know what you’re getting into here. (And if you haven’t, why not?)

The puzzles aren’t too complicated, overall. A couple of them are very frustrating and not-so-obvious answers that make you think, along with one REALLY annoying fishing puzzle, (you’ll know it when you get there).

The graphics and interface is very reminiscent of old Lucasarts games like the original Sam and Max, Indiana Jones, and more. The game has full voice acting, and while the actors aren’t great, they aren’t terrible either – they don’t detract from the game, anyway, which is a positive in my book. Some of the voice acting is really top notch (I really liked Lao’s actor, for example) while others, not so much.

Overall, TECHNOBABYLON is a wonderful story with multiple endings and characters that players can relate to. It’s definitely worth looking into and easily takes its place amongst the point and click nostalgia gaming community. If you’re a fan of cyberpunk puzzle-solving, this point and click adventure will be worth your attention.

Story is interesting
Characters are well developed and shown throughout the game
Game-pace is good, not too much break from story and puzzle solving


VERDICT – DigiRapSkullDigiRapSkullDigiRapSkullDigiRapSkullDigiRapSkullHalf


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