The History of the Rapscallions

In April 2014, a Youtube series known as “Digital Rapscallions” was officially launched.

The Captain, also known more officially as Michael Belkie, decided to launch his own Youtube Let’s Play series involving old-school point-and-click adventure games, trying to get more indie games out there and attempting to avoid the mainstream games that people do out there, like Minecraft or Five Nights at Freddie’s.

A Captain needs a First Mate. Taking the role was his long-time partner in chaos, Jake Urquhart. The two of them took on Quest for Glory II VGA Remastered edition. From there, the two have pushed on.

— The Crew’s Log —

After the Rapscallions successfully created their Youtube series, it was decided that having a place to write down opinions, reviews and other such things could be handy during recording and editing downtime, or when we’ve got planning going on in the background. Thus, the Crew’s Log was born and added to the Rapscallion roster of “stuff we do”.


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